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The perfect addition to your ice fishing equipment! Supplying ice anglers throughout ice fishing country, shipping our products throughout Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and throughout the Great Lakes Region, including Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana, Illinois and Ohio – even Alaska – and anywhere there are ice fishermen.

Ice fishing is one of life’s most basic and simple pleasures but becomes frustrating when you take out your tip ups only to find the lines and hooks tangled, which ends up costing you precious ice fishing time.  Marc Folco created – and now manufactures – a unique piece of ice fishing equipment that eliminates those time-consuming tangles and frozen fingers. It’s the Original TUHK – Tip Up Hook Keeper – and it keeps ice fishing hooks “TUHK-ed in!”

Unlike other hook keeper methods that hooks pull out of – or leave loose line to tangle, the TUHK holds the hook securely in place so it can’t pull out, and keeps the line tight on the spool so there are no loose coils to tangle.

Simply put the point of the hook through the washer, pull tight and stretch the bungee cord over the spool with the hook point facing down.

The TUHK stands up to serious ice fishing and is handcrafted in New England from rust-proof materials that are impervious to weather. We use first quality bungee cord, aluminum ferrules, nylon washers and stainless steel rings. The bungee cord works when wet and frozen or covered in snow and the TUHK is adjustable to fit tip up spools up to four inches by sliding the ring closest to the ferrule. Don’t be afraid to pull hard on the ring. It’s tight so it holds its adjustment.

The aluminum ferrule also makes the TUHK easy to use with gloves on.

Available in black, green, blue or red.

Lifetime Warranty:  TUHK broken? Send it back for a free replacement.

Satisfaction Guaranteed:  If you’re not completely satisfied with your TUHKs, return them within 14 days for a full refund (buyer pays return shipping).

A package of five TUHKs is only $17.95 with free USPS First Class shipping in the U.S.


Order two or more packages and receive a free fish-shaped carabiner/key ring (not for climbing) to keep your TUHKs on your pack basket or bucket handle.

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